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Philip was born and raised in Liverpool, England. He began writing comic books at a very young age, taking inspiration from his favourite computer game franchise, Final Fantasy. He writes sports articles for various magazines and websites.

Philip achieved a BA Hons in Film and Screen Studies at Liverpool John Moores University. He also enjoys reading fantasy, thrillers and horror fiction, as well as autobiographies. His first novel, Clash Of Worlds, is the first book of a planned trilogy.

He loves travel, art, football and chocolate. After originally wishing to be a film director and script writer, and also spending far too many years of his life in higher education and dithering, he has decided to reorient his priorities and focus on writing fantasy and suspense



A fantasy,  E-book

The unfortunate teller

Forgive me

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Why do I write? It’s pretty simple! Writing brings up so many possibilities,where anything and everything is possible. When you write, you are the god. You have total control, deep control over the world. You can make things the way you want them to be. You can forge destinies…and destroy them, realise dreams…and break them. There are no limits; there are no constraints, only infinite freedom to express your own will.

The exact point when the story begins to catch fire and comes to life on the page is an exhilarating moment. As the plot gathers pace and begins to reap the benefit from all the story building that has gone on before it, I find myself becoming a reader as well as the author. Everything suddenly makes sense and it is a feeling that is satisfying, fulfilling and also strange at the same time.

From beginning to end, writing is a journey, an emotional rollercoaster that, once completed, leaves you addicted and thirsty for more.