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Author: Philip McClennan

A fantasy, action adventure E-book

Growing up in an orphanage as a boy, James has no memory of his parents. He has always wondered who he truly is. Why was he given up? Where does he come from? And why is he able to do phenomenal things? James possesses remarkable abilities, skills that no other person is capable of. That is nobody but Chad, another boy he encounters in the orphanage.

The two become inseparable and set out on a quest to discover why it is they can do the things they can do. However, their skills do not go unnoticed. After the appearance of a strange man dressed in white, a man who displays the same unearthly skills as they do, James and Chad attempt to track down the mysterious figure. It is a task that proves not so difficult, however, the man seems intent on destroying them both.

As James struggles to combat a much superior foe, Chad’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic. As his past comes back to haunt him, James must not only face a seemingly unbeatable enemy, and contain an increasingly unstable friend, but he must also answer the riddles of a girl in his dreams. This mysterious girl comes from an apparently mystical world, a place that seems somehow familiar.

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