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Remmy’s Review - 31 March 2016

When you pick up a book, sometimes you do just not know what you are getting yourself into. I mean sure if you pick up a book with a hunk of man on it, you most certainly know what you are getting. The same can be said if you pick up a book with a hot woman on it, whoa. Then other books you can read the blurb. It may sound good to you, then it may not. I thought this book sounded good, so I told the author I would read it.

Mr. McClennan sent the book to me and I went right into it. For some reason the action got to me right away, and  it got better the deeper I read. The characters seemed real. I am not a comic book reader. So super heroes are out. I prefer normal characters with maybe a slight edge. Another thing, the author said the book was fantasy. I am not really into knights, dragons, fair maidens, dwarves and the like. This book had a touch of that but if this book is fantasy, then something is wrong.

I prefer science fiction, you know books that tell about the future and what to expect. There is a lot of that in this book. So to be fair I would have to say this is a true SciFi/ Fantasy book. A little bit of everything. Yet that does not make a book.

What makes a book is a good author. Good authors are hard to find. There are hundreds that publish every month, most of them become failures, or continue to write slosh books where the characters names change, the location changes, but it is the same story in almost every other book that is put out each month.

This book defied all of that and it makes Mr. McClennan a true author. Read this book and enjoy it. – Remmy Meggs, Reviewer http://remmymeggs.com


Rea Reads - 10 May 2016

Clash Of Worlds by Philip McClennan

About the book:

James has no memory of his parents, he has always wondered who he is and where he came from. He arrived with another boy called Chad, they can both do phenomenal things.

They each have amazing abilities but as they grow up Chad becomes more unstable and reckless. Will James and Chad find out where they came from and also stop the man in white who is determined to destroy them both?

My thoughts:

The start of the book sets the scene well, it is really descriptive and I was drawn into the story. I think I enjoyed this book because I hadn't read any fantasy stories in a while. So it made a refreshing change to enjoy the escapism. Even though it is a fantasy there are lots of other elements that go into this book.

The characters were developed well and I felt like I was a part of their lives. I think it helped that even though they have a few similar powers they are completely different in their personalities. I liked how the reader followed both worlds it was intriguing to see this and to see how everything played out. I especially liked the character Kara and I enjoyed following her journey in the book.


I found that I enjoyed this book there was a good progression to the plot. Something was always happening and the action kept up throughout. The characters were interesting and I wanted to find out more about them. If you like fantasy I would definitely recommend but even if it's not your usual genre it may be worth giving it a try too!

Four stars from me!

Thank you to the author for my copy, much appreciated!